Queen is the reliable, practical and durable raised floor support, adjustable in height, with fixed head.

Queen offers an extensive added value in renovation and in all the projects that require operating at low heights. In fact, Queen’s minimum elevation height is just 21 mm, through to a maximum extension of 234 mm, without any extension.

Queen - Made in Italy
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The fixed Queen support is available in 5 sizes and is adjustable in height - from 21 mm up to 234 mm.
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3 pre-cut polypropylene tabs with a thickness of 2, 3 and 4 mm, always on the head.
Oggetto vettoriale avanzato-4
Bi-material head made of soundproof and anti-slip rubber with high heat resistance.
Queen - Portata
Above average load
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Extension of the support from 21 mm to 234 mm, without any extension.

Queen is surprising and resolute: it is devised as a fixed head pedestal, but thanks to the application of
a simple component - Queen Plus - between the screw and head, it now offers the option of self-levelling on the head to correct slopes of up to 5%.

Queen simplicity and versatility:

- confirms the importance of the bi-component head, a must for DPS Solving supports
- exclusive system of triple pre-cut polypropylene tabs, that are easy to remove when necessary
- reducing and optimising stock in the warehouse
- the support is guaranteed for 5 years.

A new revolution in elevated floor supports

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